Introducing the KAIJU! BEER Mutation Program

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The dungeon masters here at KAIJU! Beer never tire of creating new delicious brews. However, more often than not these small batch beers barely see the light of day, as they are snaffled up by those that create them. In the rare instance that they are deemed to be truely unique and wonderful, and we can prise them out of the brewers hands, we now have a way to share them with the world. 

Introducing the KAIJU! Beer Mutation Program...

The Mutation Program is a series of limited edition beers that may not necessarily fit the typical KAIJU! Beer style, but are still beers that we love to drink. Essentially this is where our brewers can test the limits of all their weird and wonderful ideas, but having said that this is by no means an experimental platform as only beers we are 100% happy with will be released. Most Mutation Program beers will be limited to under 30 cases and usually a few kegs. Each release will feature a different, collectable illustration inspired by our designer illustrator Mikey Burton's 100 Envelopes Project. There won't be a set release schedule and beers will become available when we think they are worthy. 

In December 2018, we released the first iteration of the program, #0001: Main Squeeze Passion Guava Session Ale. Keep an eye out for #0002 coming soon.


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